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Getting a Girl: Body Language and Kinesthetics

It has been estimated by reputable researchers that 80% of any social and emotional interaction is what is called 'body language'. In practice, the first thing you will have seen of the woman you are interested in is the way she moves. Specifically the way she stands, sits, leans, walks, runs, jumps and uses her face and hands. If you want to modify a girl's state of mind, your own body language is almost completely useless. Yet you should look natural (so, just don't think about it). More importance goes into interpreting a girl's signs.

Your body language
First, unless you have neurological issues where this could be a problem, eye contact is really important. The eyebrows have much to say as well, especially in the expression of surprise.

Smiling is important. Find your own style, asking for a counter-smile sometimes, or just denying to smile.

It is better not to move too much when you're in a sitting interaction.

Hands have a language of their own, as do feet. Feet tend to point out their direction, so it's important that this language be conciliatory.

The less you react to your own humorous remarks, the more she will react to them (actually, this works all the time, not just in attraction situations)

Her signs
Many women have a very flirty way of talking to you with their bodies. Others are far more subtle, and many give off conflicting signals, so you are never quite sure whether the girl wants you or not. Maybe some more subtle persuasion is needed. Here are some things you could count as positive signs:

licking lips
maintaining eye contact - the best way to get a sense of this is to remember that women who are not interested in you will avoid prolonged eye contact, to avoid giving the wrong impression. If a girl is maintaining eye contact for longer than that, then you may have genuine interest (or you have ice cream on the tip of your nose)
looking at you "from below" - when a girl is attracted to you, she will tend to want to exaggerate the height difference between you. Women do this unconsciously: sometimes they lean on one leg slightly, or tilt their head, in order to make that upward glance
playing with her hair
touching your upper arm - often a first sign; maybe not of attraction per se, but definitely of that comfort level that often precedes interest.


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