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Getting a Girl: Dating Ideas

Classics... If you have no idea, and don't mind her knowing you have a big interest in her, try these:

Cinema - Most classic example, yet very usable, it's standard in the adolescent blind date scene, you can have fun even if the girl wants to spoil your evening.

Restaurant - Forget it. She will expect you to pay for her, you will not be able to touch her, and both of you will probably have an overly awkward feeling. These dates are the reason some elder men think going to professionals is cheaper for them!

Cooking for/with her - More creative, but considered to dangerous for a first meeting of two almost-strangers!

Creative things
Go shopping - In any city there are interesting locations to go, China town for example or a gothic or freaky shop.

Dancing - No, you don't want to lead her into a normal disco where you have to fight the flees that suddenly start having interest in your girl... Try a Latin/salsa place, if you know how to dance it. Mostly they are cheap, there are a lot of tables, and the guys usually respect a couple. Also dancing is a fabulous way to feel up a girl.
Going for a party is also a nice idea, assuming she goes there with you / your friends, and has to cling to you in order not to be alone!

Be creative. Maybe some things you liked to do in your youth?


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