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Getting a girl: Love and the Numbers Game

Pretty much every man at least once in his life loved someone in vain. Many people do so repeatedly without the faintest of success until their late twenties and beyond. Is it their looks? Maybe. Is it their character? Probably not - No, it's their attitude!

Some men don't need to worry. Either by charisma or looks or fame they get a decent range of girls to pick from. If you aren't someone like this, don't waste any energy trying to envy them or becoming like them! Just change your attitude.

The answer to the love - problem for us "normal" men is acknowledging the fact, that love is repeatable - it comes back to you even if it just gave you the most miserable weeks of your life. Like a boomerang. And if you repeat this experience a few times you come across a different fact: There are probably dozens of women-of-a-lifetime!

Most (at least two-thirds) of us Men have a bad success rate, like, only one out of ten, twenty or fifty woman we approach / meet / are interested in, will take an interest in us. You can and need to improve on that, no doubt, but here lies a mathematical fact that is ignored by many of us: If you need to dig in fifty mud puddles to find a diamond, you can do so in a few years, months or even days. Now guess how to reach your goals fastest!


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