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Getting a Girl: Your Looks

First, the bad news. There is nothing you can do that will make you attractive to every woman you meet. Every woman has her own unique preferences, turn-ons, and turn-offs. Even if you happened to be Mel Gibson, there are women who would look at you and think, "Eh, nothing special," or women for whom Mel Gibson reminds them of some person they intensely dislike. You just can't please everybody.

However, you need not appeal to a woman in terms of looks to make her lay you. Of course, she needs to admire you, to feel good and comfortable because of you. So the whole area of looks is just to prevent some thoughts like "my, that's a dirty/boring/careless guy" to pop up in her mind the moment she sees you first.

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If you ask a woman what she wants in a man, considering the looks, they will prefer men without fat, a little muscles up to body-builder-like figures. However, reality shows the opposite, and it's more important how you make her feel. If she feels turned on by big muscles, that's ok. If you can make her comfortable and (only then) turn her on via what you say, it's even more powerful! Exercising is a good way to go, though.

The sacks of meat charged with moving our brains from place to place are wonderful devices, but they weren't designed for the sedentary lives and atrocious diets so many of us inflict upon them. They are meant to be used and used vigorously.

Exercise is absolutely critical to the human body. There are a dozen reasons, and making yourself gorgeous for women of the female persuasion is just one of them. You want to be able to accomplish the daily tasks of life without getting winded. You want to be able to run and play with your kids. You want to be able to defend yourself in a fight. Just choose a reason that motivates you and compels you to do put in the effort, so your body can live up to its potential.

There is no shortage of exercises to choose from. Running, jogging, cycling, weight lifting, swimming, basketball, racquetball, tennis, and football (American or European) are all popular. But if you prefer some niche sport like fencing, go for it. The important thing is to tailor your workout to fit your own personality and lifestyle. Is it convenient to bicycle to and from work? Do it. Do you enjoy team sports? Do it. Do you like the idea of upgrading your muscles? Do it.

Many people go the weight lifting route, but don't forget to add aerobic exercise into the mix. The usual advice is three to four times per week, for at least twenty minutes per session.

If you are in a very unhealthy condition (like you have difficulties to move thereof...) you need to begin slowly, assisted by some diet, because the primary goal will be weight loss, and to exercise properly you need less weight. Running is best for fat-reducing, you can run as slow as you want (well it should be more stressful than simply walking) for as long as you can. 15 minutes is ok for beginners, even with casual breaks. After two or three months you will feel your heart has become a lot stronger, and you can do a lot longer. You need more than half an hour to begin burning fat efficiently. One hour seems to be a good time span, that is not too stressful for the rest of your body (after some practice though).

Don't be fooled by sports that don't really give you much exercise. For example, baseball. It's a sport with a long and storied history, but try watching a game. How many of the players are actually moving at any given time? The game is characterized by the occasional frantic burst of activity, and a whole lot of standing around. This pattern of exercise is more likely to result in injuries than in firm, woman-attracting abs. It's great to enjoy baseball, but be sure to give your body other forms of exercise. The overall health that results will make you a better player and reduce your likelihood of injury.

Diet is a tricky subject. We all have different dietary needs, we all have different food preferences, and some lifestyles aren't conducive to getting proper nutrition. Lifestyle changes aren't easy, but they're worth doing. Put down the Twinkies and acquaint yourself with the produce department of your local supermarket. Most of us could benefit from cutting back on fat, cutting our overall calorie intake, and eating a much wider variety of healthy foods. Avoid fad diets, diets that focus on a single miracle food (the infamous grapefruit diet, for example), and starvation diets. The best diet isn't necessarily the one that drops pounds fastest, but one which involves permanent lifestyle changes that keep unwanted pounds from coming back.

Hair and Facial Hair
Hair should be clean and well-groomed. Frequent use of shampoo and conditioner is advised, and the longer your hair is the more important it becomes. Regular trims keep your hair looking good.

Oh, one more thing: Combovers. Don't do it. Just don't.

Facial hair is a difficult and controversial area. Some women love it, some women absolutely hate it. For widespread appeal, I would suggest doing away with the beard and sideburns altogether. But if you like how you look with a beard or goatee, go for it, and keep it neatly trimmed at whatever length you enjoy. When you are happy with the way you look, it shows in the way you conduct yourself, and the confidence you display is often very attractive to women.

Be Yourself
The most important thing is to be happy with and confident in your body. If you don't feel confident in the appearance you present to women, this lack of confidence will speak louder than expensive clothes or a new haircut ever could. So if some piece of advice feels totally wrong, jettison it. If some outfit makes you feel like a dork, wear something else. Attitude is everything


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